What is IPL Laser Treatment, and Why Should You Try It?

Intense Pulsed Light, more commonly known as IPL, is a powerful photorejuvenation treatment that uses the simple power of light to heal and revitalize the skin. Getting older can cause significant damage to the skin, especially after years of sun exposure, environmental toxin accumulation, and use of harsh cosmetics. It also doesn’t help that collagen and elastin production decreases every year after your 20th birthday! All of these factors culminate into tired, dull, and damaged skin that only a treatment like Tampa IPL can rejuvenate.

How Does IPL Laser Treatment Work?
A lightweight and versatile handpiece is used to deliver the IPL treatment. Broad-spectrum pulses of light are sent from the handpiece into the skin with minimal discomfort and virtually no risk of downtime. The IPL light beams heal the skin by targeting specific skin pigments that cause redness, discoloration, and dark spots. As the light penetrates deep into the dermis, it forces the body to absorb damaged blood vessels and unwanted melanin pigment so that they are no longer visible on the skin.

What Skin Imperfections Will IPL Resolve?

If you choose to experience an IPL laser hair removal tampa treatment for yourself, plan for at least three to five treatments. The laser procedure has a cumulative effect on the skin, so over the course of your sessions you will notice your skin’s health and vibrancy improve. In particular, you can reduce or even remove age spots, sun spots, redness, rosacea, and dilated blood vessels. Even better, since the IPL laser boosts collagen production in the body, your skin will be able to trigger its own extensive healing to reduce wrinkles and improve texture.

Overall, IPL laser treatment is definitely worth the investment if you have skin conditions that you want to remove in order to look revitalized and years younger. Since IPL is quick, simple, and comfortable, you can achieve impressive long-term results without any inconvenience.

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