Everything You Never Knew About Eyelashes

You may take your eyelashes for granted or view them strictly as a cosmetic tool to enhance your appearance, but the truth is that Costa Mesa eyelashes serve very important purposes to the body. It’s simply an added bonus that a bit of mascara or extensions can boost how sexy you feel!


What is an Eyelash?
Yes, you know what your eyelashes are, but have you ever stopped to think about them from a scientific or evolutionary standpoint? Your eyelashes grow at the very edge of your eyelid. They actually develop around the 25th week of pregnancy, and unlike other body hair, are unaffected by puberty.

Any single eyelash doesn’t live for long; rather, about 90 days at most. Since they are only 3 percent water and 97 percent keratin, many people use keratin supplements to help grow longer and stronger lashes.

What Purposes do Eyelashes Serve?
The actual job of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes from debris and provide a warning that unwanted airborne objects like bugs or dirt might be trying to enter the eye. Only mammals possess eyelashes, like horses.

Can Problems with Eyelashes Exist?
Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems that can form as a result of improper eyelash care. A stye is a common issue that forms when the glands of an eyelash follicle become clogged. The inflammation and infection culminate in an uncomfortable red bump on the eyelash that requires tender applications of heat to alleviate. This is when you should visit a spa to have your Costa Mesa eyelash removal performed.

Some people suffer from madarosis, which is when too many eyelashes fall out, while others experience distichiasis, or abnormal eyelash growth. There is also a legitimate disorder in which people feel compelled to pick their eyelashes out, which results in bare eyelashes until the next set grow in.

Of course, eyelashes are important in the cosmetic world since dark, bold lashes with tinting can enhance beauty and make an impressive fashion statement.

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