The Best Methods to Heal Deep Acne Scars

Home remedies are great for many different issues, from catching spiders and preventing the common cold to resolving sinus pressure, but deep acne scars require the attention of a cosmetic spa expert.

Thanks to advances in technology, people suffering from unwanted acne scars can choose from a variety of different solutions to finally embrace a face free from the pits brought on by chronic pimples. The three best options out there now are laser treatments, Clearwater chemical peels and dermal fillers.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars
The skin relies on collagen to heal itself after injuries like sun exposure, cuts, and acne trauma. However, most people don’t have the amount of collagen required to heal severe acne scars, and this leads acne sufferers to also cope with unsightly pocket marks long after the pimples themselves have faded.

Laser treatment like PRP micro-needling Clearwater can resolve this issue by targeting precise scars and stimulating the growth of new collagen and healthy skin cells. It’s always possible to have multiple treatments, so even acne scars of severe depth can be treated gradually over time. Countless scar patients have experienced dramatic results using laser treatment.

Dermal Fillers for Acne Scars
There are a few select dermal fillers that work specifically to provide volume to the skin that has lost its natural boost. Bellafill, or clearwater Botox,for example, uses a collagen injection to correct moderate to severe facial acne scars by providing the volume needed below the scar to lift it to the level of the surrounding skin. The ingredients of the injection also support the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, so the skin is able to heal itself twice as efficiently.

The beauty of the Bellafill injection is that results show immediately after treatment but continue to improve over the next few months and last for at least a year. It only takes one simple in-office treatment and doesn’t require any downtime. This makes it simpler than laser treatment, although it does require follow-up every year or so since the injections don’t last indefinitely.

Whichever solution you choose, you are guaranteed to significantly improve the appearance of your skin and rejoice in the beautiful smooth skin you now boast.

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