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What is IPL Laser Treatment, and Why Should You Try It?

Intense Pulsed Light, more commonly known as IPL, is a powerful photorejuvenation treatment that uses the simple power of light to heal and revitalize the skin. Getting older can cause significant damage to the skin, especially after years of sun exposure, environmental toxin accumulation, and use of harsh cosmetics. It also doesn’t help that collagen and elastin production decreases every year after your 20th birthday! All of these factors culminate into tired, dull, and damaged skin that only a treatment like Tampa IPL can rejuvenate.

How Does IPL Laser Treatment Work?
A lightweight and versatile handpiece is used to deliver the IPL treatment. Broad-spectrum pulses of light are sent from the handpiece into the skin with minimal discomfort and virtually no risk of downtime. The IPL light beams heal the skin by targeting specific skin pigments that cause redness, discoloration, and dark spots. As the light penetrates deep into the dermis, it forces the body to absorb damaged blood vessels and unwanted melanin pigment so that they are no longer visible on the skin.

What Skin Imperfections Will IPL Resolve?

If you choose to experience an IPL laser hair removal tampa treatment for yourself, plan for at least three to five treatments. The laser procedure has a cumulative effect on the skin, so over the course of your sessions you will notice your skin’s health and vibrancy improve. In particular, you can reduce or even remove age spots, sun spots, redness, rosacea, and dilated blood vessels. Even better, since the IPL laser boosts collagen production in the body, your skin will be able to trigger its own extensive healing to reduce wrinkles and improve texture.

Overall, IPL laser treatment is definitely worth the investment if you have skin conditions that you want to remove in order to look revitalized and years younger. Since IPL is quick, simple, and comfortable, you can achieve impressive long-term results without any inconvenience.

A Story That Proves Nursing is the Best Profession

nursing-best-jobAs a nurse, you arrive at work every single day in the unique position to genuinely change and improve the lives of each patient you encounter. From providing moral support and comfort to timely medical care, you play a vital role in the health and wellness of your patients. On days when your work feels frustrating, challenging, or defeating, these stories can help you remember why you are devoting your life to the practice of nursing.

Take, for example, this nurse’s transition from short-term to long-term patient care. When Jason Cruz entered the nursing profession, he gained a great deal of satisfaction watching patients make quick recoveries and return home within a few days of arriving at his medical unit. But ten years later, Cruz has found even more meaning in caring for patients who require long-term, life-altering care, such as young heart transplant patients. When Cruz met Karl Biesler, he and his family had just found out that Karl’s asthma was actually a symptom of advanced heart disease, and he could only survive with a transplant.

Cruz found himself not only collaborating with Karl’s doctors to provide him with efficient and advanced care, but also providing his parents with an in-depth education about their son’s condition and the “transplant maze” that they’d need to endure to save Karl’s life. Cruz went so far as to coordinate visits with specialists, remain updated with his lab work, and deliver constant updates to Karl’s parents. Of course, he also played a critical role in lifting their spirits and reminding them of the many success stories of similar heart transplants. In the words of Karl’s mother, Julie, “Waiting for Karl’s heart was just awful. We were in a fog and Jason Cruz was our lifeline, always available to answer our questions, day or night.”

Once Karl did receive his transplant, Cruz adjusted his care accordingly to post-transplant mode tasks, especially helping Karl transition back into his normal life and fulfilling his family’s needs. Cruz’s story is just one of millions that occur every day in our country as nurses use their best skills to change the lives of others in need.

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Everything You Never Knew About Eyelashes

You may take your eyelashes for granted or view them strictly as a cosmetic tool to enhance your appearance, but the truth is that Costa Mesa eyelashes serve very important purposes to the body. It’s simply an added bonus that a bit of mascara or extensions can boost how sexy you feel!


What is an Eyelash?
Yes, you know what your eyelashes are, but have you ever stopped to think about them from a scientific or evolutionary standpoint? Your eyelashes grow at the very edge of your eyelid. They actually develop around the 25th week of pregnancy, and unlike other body hair, are unaffected by puberty.

Any single eyelash doesn’t live for long; rather, about 90 days at most. Since they are only 3 percent water and 97 percent keratin, many people use keratin supplements to help grow longer and stronger lashes.

What Purposes do Eyelashes Serve?
The actual job of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes from debris and provide a warning that unwanted airborne objects like bugs or dirt might be trying to enter the eye. Only mammals possess eyelashes, like horses.

Can Problems with Eyelashes Exist?
Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems that can form as a result of improper eyelash care. A stye is a common issue that forms when the glands of an eyelash follicle become clogged. The inflammation and infection culminate in an uncomfortable red bump on the eyelash that requires tender applications of heat to alleviate. This is when you should visit a spa to have your Costa Mesa eyelash removal performed.

Some people suffer from madarosis, which is when too many eyelashes fall out, while others experience distichiasis, or abnormal eyelash growth. There is also a legitimate disorder in which people feel compelled to pick their eyelashes out, which results in bare eyelashes until the next set grow in.

Of course, eyelashes are important in the cosmetic world since dark, bold lashes with tinting can enhance beauty and make an impressive fashion statement.…

Health and Medical Center

Health and Medical Center

tape-403593_640A health or a medical center is generally a place where medical treatment and health care is given to the patients. The health and the medical centers have a wide range and vary from small clinic, doctors health centers, small hospitals, big hospitals, emergency care centers, multi specialty centers and many more. The amount and the number of these health care centers in a particular area, reflects the quality and wellness of the society. The health care centers can be profitable, non-profitable, governmental, private or individual organization to serve the people. There are a number of different health care organizations which are opened worldwide. Let us see the different categories of health care centers that are opened around the world.

Different Types of Health care and Medical Centers:

  1. Hospitals:

The most common forms of Medical Centers are Hospitals; they can be small or big but their way of functioning and services are likely to be the same in all aspects. The Hospitals provides a specific treatment and lets the patient stay for overnights. Also some of the hospitals are for specific cause and some offers a wide range of treatment for different health related problems all under the same single roof.

  1. Health Care Centers:

The Health care centers are generally for a specific treatment of a disease;stethoscope-147700_640 these can be small doctor’s clinics, emergency care centers, surgery centers, dental centers, eye care centers, E N T handling centers. These provide direct treatment to the patients and does not offers overnight staying and the specific health care is given to every patient that comes in for the treatment of the particular disease.

  1. Medical center Nursing Home:

Medical center nursing homes, admitting residential treatment centers and care facilities, are the health care organizations and institutions, which possess accommodation facilities. More over it engages in giving short-time or long-time medical treatment of a specialized nature which is not performed by the small hospitals to patients under different types of medical conditions.


  1. Pharmacy and Drug Medical Center:
    The Pharmacy and Drug Medical Centers are the places where ail the prescribed and non – prescribed medicines and medical items are supplied. They can be in the hospital, health care center, emergency health care center, doctor’s clinic or anywhere in the city. These Pharmacy and Drug Centers are staffed with the pharmacy experts such as pharmacists; medical technical’s or qualified and educated medical background peoples.
  1. Medical Laboratories and Health Research Centers:
    The Medical Laboratories and the Health Research Centers offers specific test for our bodies parts and test for determining the diseases. The big laboratories and research centers does all the research work on innovating new and improved cures for the diseases and the medicines which will be more effective for the specific cure. These research centers and laboratories can be governmental as well as private of an individual. All these medical centers work for the betterment of the medical knowledge and innovating new cures for all the deadly diseases which can lead a human to death.

The Advancing Science of Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine, and the use of stem cell therapy in particular, is a rapidly growing field in medicine because of its potential to repair and heal conditions that previously could only be treated defensively against symptoms, rather than proactively against the root cause. These are the most important facts that you should know about today’s stem cell advancements from Dr. Bennett, Sarasota orthopedic specialist.

What Are Stem Cells?
In the simplest terms, stem cells are cells that can divide and reproduce indefinitely into any type of cell. This means that a stem cell treatment can theoretically help muscle and even brain matter regenerate itself by using stem cells to grow missing or damaged cells.

Where Do Stem Cells Come From?
Stem cells can be derived from a few different sources. The first type are adult stem cells, which are obtained from adult patients. Embryonic stem cells, on the other hand, come from embryos remaining after in-vitro fertilization that the parents choose to donate to science. Scientific advances now can create induced pluripotent stem cells, which are adult stem cells genetically reprogrammed into an embryonic state.

Why Can Stem Cells Treat Disease and Injury?
Stem cells can be “designed” to replace tissue that is damaged by disease or injury, thereby completely replacing any problematic cells with new, healthy cells. This means that stem cells can replace the neurons damaged by spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological conditions. It also means that stem cells can theoretically replace any tissue or organ that is suffering, which builds the potential for solutions to lung cancer, severe osteoporosis, Bradenton sports medicine clinics, and more.

What Proven Stem Cell Therapies Are Currently In Use in Sports Medicine?
A number of clinical trials are currently underway, but only a select few stem cell therapies have been formally approved. While embryonic stem cells are currently being used mainly in research to determine how diseases grow and mutate, adult stem cells from bone marrow cells can be applied to regenerate cartilage, ligaments, and tendons in sports medicine. Pain decreases in as quickly as two weeks, and eventually full recovery can occur either without or in combination with surgery. For more information visit our Venice orthopedic surgery center in Florida today.…

The Best Methods to Heal Deep Acne Scars

Home remedies are great for many different issues, from catching spiders and preventing the common cold to resolving sinus pressure, but deep acne scars require the attention of a cosmetic spa expert.

Thanks to advances in technology, people suffering from unwanted acne scars can choose from a variety of different solutions to finally embrace a face free from the pits brought on by chronic pimples. The three best options out there now are laser treatments, Clearwater chemical peels and dermal fillers.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars
The skin relies on collagen to heal itself after injuries like sun exposure, cuts, and acne trauma. However, most people don’t have the amount of collagen required to heal severe acne scars, and this leads acne sufferers to also cope with unsightly pocket marks long after the pimples themselves have faded.

Laser treatment like PRP micro-needling Clearwater can resolve this issue by targeting precise scars and stimulating the growth of new collagen and healthy skin cells. It’s always possible to have multiple treatments, so even acne scars of severe depth can be treated gradually over time. Countless scar patients have experienced dramatic results using laser treatment.

Dermal Fillers for Acne Scars
There are a few select dermal fillers that work specifically to provide volume to the skin that has lost its natural boost. Bellafill, or clearwater Botox,for example, uses a collagen injection to correct moderate to severe facial acne scars by providing the volume needed below the scar to lift it to the level of the surrounding skin. The ingredients of the injection also support the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, so the skin is able to heal itself twice as efficiently.

The beauty of the Bellafill injection is that results show immediately after treatment but continue to improve over the next few months and last for at least a year. It only takes one simple in-office treatment and doesn’t require any downtime. This makes it simpler than laser treatment, although it does require follow-up every year or so since the injections don’t last indefinitely.

Whichever solution you choose, you are guaranteed to significantly improve the appearance of your skin and rejoice in the beautiful smooth skin you now boast.…